A Trilogia

com Dr. Larry Goldfarb

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I now have a new, much deeper understanding of the method that is concrete and powerful and the seminar had an amazing impact on the quality of ATMs and FIs I teach!
Larry’s way of teaching is fun, precise, extremely open and at the same time guided by his past “errors,” that he generously shares.
Lynn Bullock, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Paris/ France

With this Feldenkrais Master Class carefully sequenced in 3 Segments you will learn to:

  • Recognize students’ need & discern when they are ready for it
  • Cultivate hands-on sensitivity, skill, & strategy
  • Learn what makes a lesson & how to turn that knowledge into persuasive, lasting learning
  • Learn to recognize & effectively use the seven aspects of movement.

Segment 1: Bridging the Gap

There is, for many of us, a gap between what we do and what we say, between what we do and how we think about it. Bridging the Gap presents ways of spanning this rift between moving and speaking, doing and explaining, so that your students grasp their lessons in practical, concrete ways. You learn SPIFFER—a clear-cut model for observing and understanding movement—and apply it to understanding how people move, decoding the structure of lessons, and being a more effective teacher from the moment a lesson starts.

Segment 2: Inside Touch

Inside Touch reveals what makes the Feldenkrais touch unique end effective. It reveals the repertoire of FI—from skeletal contact, directional touch, kinesthetic conversation, the listening hand, and tactile tracking to the most advanced techniques. Exploring the strategies, tactics, and techniques that comprise Functional Integration® lessons, you learn how touch teaches while refining hands-on sensitivity and developing your tactile intuition. Doing ATM lessons that examine the relationship of the hand and arm to the center, you learn about how you engage in touch, recognizing and starting to move beyond the influence of your habits.

Segment 3: A Course of Change

Some lessons are so potent that we end up perceiving ourselves and our possibilities anew. A Course of Change introduces new, comprehensive ways of understanding how such lessons work. Systemic maps specify how we create the conditions for learning, chart the complete span of compositional structure that underlie lessons and spell out Feldenkrais teaching tactics. Putting these cognitive models to work in experiential exercises, you develop the insight and skills necessary to consistently engage curiosity and elicit compelling, lasting learning.


During The TRILOGY’s three five-day segments, not only will you do ATM and practice FI, but you’ll participate in small group process to investigate and apply pertinent concepts, deepen your capacity to observe yourself and others, and develop new abilities in guiding others’ learning. You will develop a new appreciation of your competence, realize how your teaching approach works and how it limits you, expand your choices, enhance your sensory acuity, deepen your understanding of the Method, and become a better practitioner.


Enrolment is strictly limited, so that you can receive personal comments & suggestions in a supportive environment at all times.
In general it is not possible to only visit one or two segments of the master class.

Each participant will receive extensive written material to support the content of the workshop along with versions of the ATMs taught during the seminar. Participants will also have the option to buy the complete audio recordings of the course on CD for a small supplemental fee.


The TRILOGY lets us get back to the very basis of our learning as Feldenkrais practitioners. It offers a fresh view on what it is we actually do in ATM and FI. With the SPIFFER structure, what we see becomes clearer and, together with the broad space given for practicing FI, more clarity in touch emerges.
Monika Vogelmann, Physician and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Bad Segeberg/ Germany

Enrolling in the TRILOGY was an important step for me. Now my work has new quality: I would say much more clarity in how I see and understand the work and teach lessons.
Jacek Paszkowski, Physiotherapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Warsow/ Poland

Larry is a teacher who teaches that it is individuals – and not groups – that learn. Thus learning in The TRILOGY not only takes place in the actual workshop day, but also in the time between the segments. One gets great ideas for one’s own process while having a lot of fun learning!
Corinna Eikmeier, Cellist, Musician and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Hannover/ Germany

Larry showed me again with how much ease and fun learning can happen!
Roswitha Rath, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Graz/ Austria