The House of Breath

com Dr. Larry Goldfarb

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Mastering the Method

A time honored path to developing mastery is to study the standards and masterpieces. In the lexicon of Functional Integration® lessons, there are classic structures and strategies that are so consistently effective, so remarkably reliable, that we count on them to facilitate learning every time.

In each installment of this advanced training series, Larry Goldfarb, CFT, Ph.D. offers a multi-dimensional map of one such archetypal lesson plan. In a careful and complete manner, this workshop offers all you need in order to add this lesson to your personal repertoire, including the opportunity to:

  • Become skilled at new hands-on techniques while refining familiar ones.
  • Understand the how & why of each step in the lesson choreography.
  • Take better care of yourself by improving your self-use.
  • Uncover and utilize the integrity of “the movement behind the lesson.”
  • Promote the transfer of learning from the table to daily life.
  • Adapt the lesson to the student, not vice-versa.

This course goes beyond simply presenting a “formula.” Studying each classic template from the inside out reveals the art and science of Feldenkraisian pedagogy. Examining essential lessons from an advanced perspective offers you the means to discover – and come to embody – the methodology that guided Moshe Feldenkrais in developing our work.

The House of Breath

Breathing is integral to how we move, think, and feel.

While many Awareness Through Movement classes put respiration front and center, breath is rarely the theme of a Functional Integration lesson. When giving an individual Feldenkrais session, you may monitor your student’s breath (and your own), tune into the subtle shifts of disturbance or unease, and register the respiratory responses that indicate improvement and integration.

  • What about giving lessons that make breathing better?
  • How, specifically, do we address the ribs, spine, muscles of the trunk, and so on?
  • Which Feldenkraisian tactics are most effective for unraveling the restrictions that limit respiration?

The House of Breath reveals the answers to these questions — and much more — in a comprehensive, engaging, and well-paced advanced training that takes a deep dive into what it means to work with the breath in a Feldenkraisian way.

In this five-day program, you’ll learn about the structure and function of breathing in detail and from the pattern perspective. Instead of approaching respiration as happening at two levels, the chest and belly, we’ll explore Moshe’s model of breathing in three levels of the trunk. You’ll develop a sense of the significant specifics and how they fit together systemically to understand what defines good breathing, identify what interferes with it, and explore how exactly to elicit your student’s innate ability to breathe easily. The FI lesson you learn clarifies the actions of the spine, ribs, breastbone, and the diaphragm and other muscles that drive inhalation and exhalation,

The program is for Feldenkrais teachers who want to:

  • Understand the function and structure of respiration.
  • Clear up common confusions and stubborn superstitions. 
  • Uncover the ins and outs of optimal breathing.
  • Receive personal coaching and individual support.
  • Expand the repertoire of lessons you can count on to work.
  • Give meaningful, memorable FI lessons.


Larry Goldfarb’s approach greatly exceeds my expectations for advanced Functional Integration training.
Larry is a treasure of experience, skill, and genuine insights. He exemplifies the fuller potential of this practice for me. I especially appreciate Larry’s ability to listen, clarify, and confirm key concepts and skills in a way that brings them to life in my daily life and as part of my aspiration to live the practice.
— Mark Lichtenberger