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Reclaiming Rollers

com Dr. Larry Goldfarb

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Reclaim your rollers from their minor supporting function to give them a starring role in your lessons!

As you know, by creating a dynamic base of support, simple foam cylinders can transform a student’s position into a potent, provocative learning situation. In this course, you will learn to utilize the capacity of rollers to engage and refine your student’s attention. Over ten days, you will develop a repertoire of configurations and lesson compositions for coordinating action and developing kinesthetic intelligence.

Find out the possibilities for power, poise, and equilibrium:

  • Lying lengthwise on a roller
  • Sitting on a roller
  • Roller behind the pelvis
  • Standing on a roller lengthwise
  • Roller behind the chest
  • Standing across a roller
  • Roller behind the neck

Exploring the RECLAIMING ROLLERS lessons in ATM and FI, experientially and analytically, individually and in small groups, you discover what each configuration has to teach, develop the knowledge and know-how to utilize it to its full potential, and find out how to then facilitate lasting learning.

Each participants will need a set of three rollers with the (approximate) diameters 7, 10 und 15cm. Please let us know if you can bring set when enrolling. Thank you!


Important: This seminar takes place as a so-called “2G event” (according to § 10j paragraph 1 sentence 1 number 6 of the Hamburg SARS-CoV-2 containment regulation), which means that only vaccinated or recovered people can participate in this course. For this, distance requirements and the obligation to wear a mask are omitted. However, we will discuss with the participants which hygiene rules we would like to apply voluntarily, so that everyone really feels safe and can enjoy the course without any worries. Please feel free to write us if you have any specific wishes in this regard.