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Efficient Use of Arms and Hands

com Paul Newton

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Working with your arms and applying force can be quite challenging. The ability to manipulate the outside world effectively with our hands is deeply human, setting us apart from most other mammals.

However, our movements involving the arms and hands are often not well organized. We tend to exert unnecessary force when a gentle movement would suffice, and conversely, we struggle to generate adequate power when needed, such as when lifting or pushing objects. This lack of clarity regarding where to draw power from leads to overexertion of the arms, hands, and neck.

Modern humans typically overwork these areas in two seemingly contradictory ways: by exerting excessive force when minimal force is required, and by focusing solely on the muscles of the arms and hands instead of engaging the entire body.

Paul Newton, Feldenkrais trainer and educational director of our trainings in Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, and Stockholm, will demonstrate how we can optimize our movements and utilize our arms and hands more effectively and elegantly by integrating them into whole-body movements.

Note: Early registration is recommended for this two-day webinar, as courses with Paul Newton tend to fill up quickly.